A Career as an Athletic Trainer

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America is a nation who loves their sports! We are constantly watching things such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis, softball, volleyball, and golf live and on tv. There are many things that go on behind the scenes of sports however that keep them going! We all know about the coaches, players, fans, referees, tv crews, and team owners, but the most important aspect is sometimes forgotten. That thing happens to be athletic trainers. Athletic trainers make sure the athletes stay in good health! Athletic trainers ensure that athletes recover from injuries so that they can promptly return to the game. Athletic trainers also help to prevent injuries from happening. Being an athletic trainer is a job that takes years of education and training, but in the end is rewarding financially and personally. Many times I’ve asked myself why do I want to be an athletic trainer. As a child I’ve always been extremely helpful. Whenever I would see someone who was injured I would always want to be the first person to lend a hand. It also didn’t help that my mom was a Doctor who practices Internal Medicine. I would always see my mom giving people check ups and prescribing them different medications to take and I thought it was so cool. I decided that I would be a sport’s doctor! It seemed like it would be lots of fun. As I got older I realized that being a sport’s doctor took a lot of hard work! Doctors have to go to school way longer than the average college student and their classes are extremely hard. I love to learn, but I was not to keen on going to school for 4 plus years. I then began to look for alternatives and that’s when I stumbled upon athletic training! Athletic training was a perfect fit for me! I love sports and sporti... ... middle of paper ... ...rent annually wages. In New Brunswick, New Jersey athletic trainers make abt $69,000 a year! They currently have 230 athletic trainers employed. In Northwestern Oklahoma the annual wage is only $23,000 annually. They currently only have about 60 certified and employed athletic trainers! The demand for athletic trainers is different in different areas. (http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes299091.htm) Being that athletic training pays fairly well I will be able to live a comfortable lifestyle. My salary will afford me the opportunity to live in a nice house. It will also allow me to be able to provide for a family if I was to have one. I'll also be making good enough money straight out of college. With this money I will be able to afford a nice little apartment to stay in while I finish my training after graduating. (http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes299091.htm)

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