A Brief History of Switzerland

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International Business is an important aspect for the world’s economy. Interacting with other countries connects the world in ways for both the government and for the citizens. Each country the United States connects with influences our country in both positive and negative ways. But one of the most prominent countries that the US does business with is Switzerland. A country comfortably settled in the middle of France, Germany, and Italy, it has made a positive effect on America’s economy and culture. Understanding Switzerland’s culture is an essential piece of knowledge to successfully do business with them.

To conduct with the Swiss, being able to appropriately interact with them face-to-face is crucial. The Swiss value punctuality; being punctual is seen as respectable and organized, and being late is seen as rude and incompetent. The three main languages spoken in Switzerland are German, French, and Italian; thus, greeting them in one of these languages is fitting. Shaking hands with representatives of the business you’re doing business with is vital. When in discussion, avoid personal questions and stay on topic. The Swiss are very private people and tend to be more sincere, so light jokes can be misinterpreted as mockery. They tend to not change their minds easily, but this shouldn’t be seen as stubborn. The Swiss stay true to their values. At the end of the meeting, gifts are exchanged when you’ve concluded successful negotiations, but the gifts should never been too expensive or amazing as it can be seen as bribery, which is practically illegal.

Body language and personal space correlate. Being conservative and remaining polite at all times is essential. The Swiss dress conservatively and poor posture is frowned upon....

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