Nonverbal Communication Case Study

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According to the author, he mentions that communication is not necessarily verbal and is directly related to language. There is also the category of non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is a quality of communication that does not imply the use of words in their entirety, but goes beyond that concept.
A point mentioned in the chapter reminds us of a very illustrative popular saying to understand this concept, when we say that "actions speak more than words".
That concept of Action is an example of non-verbal communication. To introduce ourselves to the subject, we will learn what body language is.
It is a type of nonverbal communication called body language. It is all that refers to the meaning conveyed by facial expressions,
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It also happens in the world of international business; personal appearance plays a decisive role when negotiating. The author also says that it may be that your clothes do not have a voice, but you can communicate, send a message in some way. Although people dress differently in various parts of the world, there is a universal language when clothes are worn when doing international business. For such reason, there is a code of etiquette to be considered dressed in a conservative manner. Here we will mention what to consider:
Eye contact Eye movements vary from one culture to another. They are another means of non-verbal communication.
For example, in the United States, you should have direct visual contact with the person you are talking to, and it is a very important detail not only when interacting in business, but also, in all kinds of customer services, interviews labor, speeches or conferences,
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If there is a very close trust, such as work colleagues, school, relatives, friends, etc. If you can hug, touch or caress your back and even kiss when you arrive or leave a place.
This includes, men and women and between the same sexes. Strange, is not it?
Personal space: Diverse cultural groups use space differently for communication purposes. Another example, in certain Latin American countries, it is considered that if two people related to work are in a space and are standing face to face and their feet look right to their partner, it means that there should be privacy in that communication and should not be interrupted that space, unless one of them, or both, shows their feet relaxed and looking outward. There is one more communication to pour and prepared to incorporate more people to participate in that space. The color: It is considered one. For example, the culture of EE. UU Values dental products that produce white teeth. The numbers: they also communicate to us. In the United Kingdom and continental Europe, the first floor is the floor on the ground floor, the same happens in
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