19th Amendment Dbq

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After the ratification of the nineteenth amendment, women gained the right to vote in the United States. The amendment also changed women in the United States in different ways. After it was ratified, women were not only gained the right to vote, but began to be a big part of the work force and also made huge strides socially. Women began to make their presence known in the United States. The most important aspect of the Nineteenth Amendment was that it gave women the right to vote. Over time in the United States, women had to climb from slavery to shop work to teaching to war workers and finally to gaining suffrage (Doc.3). After the amendment was passed, women got the right vote, but wanted more. They wanted equal rights period, equal…show more content…
workforce. Women mainly worked jobs, like in the area of Domestic and Personal Service and Clerical Occupations, while men mainly worked Public Service and Extraction of Minerals (Doc.1). Also, women also demanded a larger minimum wage that was closer to that of men’s, but a lot of people believed that would do nothing but hurt them and “make them starve” (Doc.7). In the 1923 Supreme Court Case, Adkins v. Children's Hospital (1923), the Supreme Court ruled that the Children’s Hospital of the District of Columbia violated the “Due Process Clause” in the Fifth Amendment because they diminished the workers right to freely contract labor. The hospital responded with an appeal, but the appeal failed. Jessie Roberts wrote an article in 1902 that said that “women could only be cashiers or jobs like that” (Doc.9). Before the Nineteenth Amendment, women mainly worked in clerical occupations (Doc.9), but after the Nineteenth Amendment, the number of women in transportation, trade, and manufacturing (Doc.1). Women were also big in pushing for better working conditions (Doc.5). The Connecticut Council of Catholic Women were big pushers for these working rights (Doc.5). The Nineteenth Amendment changed the U.S. workforce because women began to work in more job categories. Who knows how women would be affecting the workforce today if the Nineteenth Amendment was never ratified? Most
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