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One of the most resounding message from this linguistics course is that language is never constant. The English language derived from many languages such as Germanic, Latin, French and Greek. Even nowadays the language is still changing. I was born in the 1994. Amazon was founded in this year, Warped Tour was first conceived, the pop sensation Justin Bieber was born and Forrest Gump was released. Additionally, there are sixty-seven entries of words first recorded in 1994. For this pattern I chose fifty words. One major pattern that I noticed in 1994 is that there were a lot of computic words and words related to technology. I believe one of the reasons that this happened was because in 1994 JPEG , images on the web, started appearing. Another category that I noticed is music related words, slang words, cosmetic, drugs and proprietary names. The words that were related to technology were dot.com,dot.org, e-cash,e-zine, Infobahn, mouse over,MP3,screenager, spammer, spamming, telnetable, text message, webmeister, webmistress,webzine, 1471, cybershopper, cybershot, cyber cafe artilect,flexecutive. In total, twenty-one words were related to technology out of the sixty seven, which accounts for thirty-one percent of words first recorded in 1994. Some of these words are in pairs, such as webmeister which means a master of the web, and webmistress which is the female form of webmeister. Webmeister also is a combination of two words, web and master. The spelling changed a little bit for the male word but in general there was no morphological change so the word kept its transparency. The same can be said with webmistress. Dotcom and dot-org are similar because their definitions both refer to an internet address. Dotcom refers to a commerc... ... middle of paper ... ... Xenical,Netscape and Oxycontin. Overall, the words that had to do with technology were abundant in the sample word of fifty. The major pattern that I noticed was that the words having to do with technology were all created very simply. Most of the words were transparent and easy to guess their meaning. They used a lot of clipping and blending. Also there were similar roots from which other words are now being created from, such as cyber. It is amazing to know how fast and how much words change. Text messaging is extremely common among college students but the word was first listed around the time of first year students birth. I believe that what keeps the language alive is its growth and new innovations. It is only appropriate that words change as our world does. I however, greatly appreciate how many of the words were created in simple manners in the year 1994.
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