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Throughout the book 1984, by George Orwell, society was constantly being monitored and limited in their freedom. Orwell wrote this book to depict the most absolute and powerful totalitarian government. It showed people of his time how this could all be a possibility in the near future and the risks of accepting this form of control. He was able to create an extreme portrayal of the extent rulers would go to, to obtain total power over everyone. In the book, the government had set up a world of lies and deception, which people had to believe or else their life was at risk. However, there was Winston Smith, a unique man in this newly organized world that suppressed individualism. As the book progressed, the structure and plot of the story unveiled Orwells worry with the challenges Winston faced as he struggled to find the truth about the society he lived in. Book One uncovered how the government attempted to restrict any kind of expression to gain absolute control, but there are still strains of people who were unwilling to be subordinate to it’s power, such as Winston. Im the first few chapters, Winston, an seemingly ordinary worker in the Records Department took his first step of rebellion by writing in a diary. Just this simple act of writing your thoughts into a book could be dangerous, because it would generate individual thoughts. It was very true too as seen in this quote “ His pen had slid voluptuously over the smooth paper, printing in large neat capitals- DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER ” Unknowingly, he had written this down, and this was a thoughtcrime of high caliber. Even if he had tried to stop himself, his inner thoughts couldn’t help but want to defy the government. The party had destroyed all records of the past and altered... ... middle of paper ... turning point, because once he screamed to have the torture be done to Julia, that completely severed the bond they had created. In the end Winston said that he loved Big Brother, thus proving that even love couldn’t withstand the power of hate and fear. George Orwell saw this society as a real possibility and portrayed the risks of letting it take control. The government would limit society in everything ranging from what they could own, to what they could even say. Their physical power had been achieved through force already, but there was still those few people who would develop their own thoughts. This is why they wanted control of the mind, because this would stop rebellious ideas from forming and new ideas to flourish. It seemed as if Love actually could be the force that would topple down their infrastructure, but the mind was too weak.
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