George Orwell 1984 Themes

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1984 Theme Analysis Although 1984 has come and gone, George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 is still very relevant in modern day life. 1984 explores a world in which a totalitarian government controls all from the news to even the language. Winston, the protagonist silently rebels against the government along with Julia, his love interest. They rebel by having sex for pleasure, writing, and attempting to join a conspiracy against the government called the brotherhood. At the end both Julia and Winston are captured and tortured so badly that are forced to go against everything they once believed. George Orwell’s 1984 encompasses a theme that people can be forced to give up their beliefs and alter their feelings if their survival is threatened. Orwell shows the reader that a bond so strong as love can be broken when a human feels their survival is threatened. After being badly tortured in the Ministry of Love, Julia and Winston finally meet again. However this time the two are not in love, instead they dislike each other. Julia tells Winston that she realized she cares more about her own survival than her love for someone else, …show more content…

O’Brien tries to crack Winston through physical pain time and time again but when he threatens to let Winston’s worst fear loose on him Winston cracks. Before O’Brien lets loose the rats Winston cries out that O’Brien do it to anyone but him to stop this torture. He wants to thinks that it is all a trick to get out of torture, but realizes that he truly means it. He thinks that at the time there is no other way of saving himself. This shows that right when someone truly fears for their life, one's survival instinct makes sure that by whatever means, even altering beliefs you survive. This is an embodiment of the theme Orwell creates throughout the book with Winston being forced to alter his beliefs just to stay

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