12 week program

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Air Force personnels have a physical fitness standard to uphold. The average enlisted member entering the Air Force, Air Guard, or Air Force Reserves are under the age of thirty. The PT test has a few guidelines: have to meet the minimum requirement and score a seventy-five or better to pass. The bare minimum will not get you a 75 to pass. It is designed and setup so that a person cannot excel in one test over the other and pass. A male airman, 30 years old or less, has to have a minimum of forty-six sit-ups per min, 44 pushups per min, run a 1.5mile run in 13:36, and have a waist measurement of 35 in order to meet minimum requirement and receive a score of 75.8. The goals of military personnel is relatively simple, to build strength or strength endurance, have aerobic endurance, and to lose body fat. In order to reach these goals the program will be conducted of resistance training, plyometric and speed training, and aerobic training. Resistance training can help strengthen the muscles of the upper body and lower to aid towards the goals. The primary muscles involved during pushups are the pectorals major, tricep, and deltoid muscles. The secondary muscles involved are the stabilizer muscles of the exercise, both upper and lower body. Resistance training also plays a role in aerobic endurance training by bringing power and a kick at the end of a run, stamina, and preventing injuries. The resistance training program will conduct strength and muscular endurance throughout the 12 week program progressing from an intensity of 50% to 85%. Repetitions will be of 5 or greater depending on the intensity and a rest period of 30 seconds to 5 mins. Plyometric training and speed training can aid in the goals by helping sprint that last qu... ... middle of paper ... ...prints in addition to 4 - 6 100m sprints. The program consists of alternating between strength training and strength endurance training for 12 weeks. The program starts off with more days of resistance training. As the program progresses, the resistance training is limited and aerobic training is increased. The purpose is to stress the importance of the run portion of the test. The run portion counts for a minimum of 42.3 points. The program consists of hill sprints in order to emphasize on giving max effort on the. The plyometric circuits is to emphasize on actually doing sit-ups and pushups. The test consists of pushups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run which is emphasized in the plan with tempo runs and a circuit towards the end of the program. With a 35 inch waist and maxing out on pushups at 67, you can afford to run the minimum on the run, 13:36, and sit-ups, 42.
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