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Essay On Michael Jackson

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Mario Hernandez
October 23, 2017
MUS-110 04
Matvey Lapin
Free Essay: The King of Pop
“The King of Pop”, otherwise known as Michael Jackson, was a living legend for his music. Some of his most famous songs include Thriller, Billie Jean, and Bad. Michael Jackson started very young with his musical career, and eventually become the name we all know him by, “The King of Pop”
Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana. He was the eighth child of ten children. The Jacksons were a big family with three girls and six boys, including Michael. Their financial situation wasn’t very good since they lived in a 2-bedroom house. Both parents worked, but they still couldn’t get enough for all their children.
He entered the music industry very young. In 1964, he joined the Jackson Brothers, the family band as a backup singer. One year later, he would become lead singer with his brother Jermaine, and the band name would change to the Jackson 5. They started out small, but they later became one of the biggest bands of the 1970’s with many chart-topping singles. Jackson would later become a teen idol and move into a solo career, be he would still maintain ties with the Jackson 5.
Michael suffered during his childhood. He was whipped and verbally abused by his father, sometimes more than the rest of his siblings. Although Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, did cause damage to Michael, he says that his strictness had an impact of him being successful. Even though he was a huge success very young, that didn’t stop him from suffering childhood problems like nightmares, sleeping problems, and self-esteem issues regarding his looks.
His first album as an official solo artist was called Off the Wall which was his first successful alb...

... middle of paper ... would be one of the most watched memorials of all-time next to Ronald Reagan’s burial and Princess Diana’s funeral. Michael Jackson’s death and his career would leave one of the biggest impacts in the music industry ever.
There are a few reasons that Michael was a huge success at his time. One reason is that he was already a star at a young age and this paved the way to stardom. Another reason is that he crossed genres with his songs which showed he was unique with his style. But with every success story, there’s always some controversy.
Several controversies followed him throughout his life, which impacted him greatly. There was the skin bleaching scandal, the sexual abuse allegations, the label scandal, and the divorces. Even though there were many obstacles in the way, Michael Jackson rose to the top and will forever be remembered as “The King of Pop”

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