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I awoke on a summer day, birds singing, children playing, but all the joy and the innocence of this was behind me. I couldn't just get up and play, or sing, because I was chained to a wall.
In this country, that's what happens when you're a prisoner of war. My friends and I were caught fighting for our country, to stop the war, but with no avail. The war still went on, and we were still tied up. In this day and age that's all that happens.
Don't sound so surprised, what did you expect, a peaceful future? Highly doubtful, the government can't even decide on taxes, let alone solve an argument. No, their idea to solve an argument is to drop a bomb on the apposing country. What a joke our government has become, what a nation! How can God Save the Queen, when our nation can't even save our country?
I was lying in my own filth, being tied up for several days, without being able to go to the toilet; it's not a pretty sight. My body was slowly wasting away, no food, and only drops of water I couldn't cope. I could see my team-mates, my friends, slowly going insane. They were talking in there sleep, screaming for freedom, but what was the point. The guards treated us like filth, something they'd stepped on and couldn't get rid of. I could see their point though, we killed their friends, and so they determined to kill ours. But I had to escape, I was the only sane one in there, my mind was at ease. You see, everyone else was going crazy wondering about their loved ones, but I had no one.
I was an orphan as a child, I never knew my Dad; and my Mum died at birth. My foster parents didn't love me, they used me as a tool, just saw me as an extra pair of hands to use around the house. I ran away at the age of sixteen, join...

... middle of paper ... truck. My chance came when the driver stopped got out and walked over to a guard. They were talking very fast in a language I couldn't understand. It was now or never. I climbed down the side of the truck and opened the passenger door I slid in. The keys were still in and the engine was purring softly. Slamming my heavy foot on the accelerator, the truck screams and jumps into life. I can see the guards running after me, firing their guns at the back of the truck. I pull out my gun and return fire, hitting one of them in the leg. Looking in front of me a can see the two other trucks parked along the wall. I stop the truck and shoot out the tires so they can't drive after me. And once again bang my foot on the accelerator-heading strait for the gate. Slamming through the gate, and heading off into the desert. I had escaped… I was free.

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