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Batman! An invisible hero to all human eyes. Batman! You might think of this as a joke but I have seen a Batman the one batman that no one wants to see. A Batman that killed my little sister. The one Batman that made me leave everything behind. That one Batman that is on my mother's tail. On May 13, 2016, my mother was kidnapped by a gang one of the biggest and worse gangs in the world. My mother wasn’t the only one kidnapped that day more than 100 women and 200 kids were kidnapped. No one knew if their child, wife, or even sister would ever come back. Everyone knew what was going to happen to their relative, the people kidnapped would either be dead when they came back or exhausted from labor. My mother, however, was the one that came with…show more content…
Then his mom leaving in a car and saying she would come back after she picked up dad. After about an hour she returned but I had been brainwashed on everything. A car faster than anything in the world came and slammed right into my parent's car while they were in there. And I was clapping for my own parent's death. Tears were pouring down my cheeks when all of a sudden in came the physiatrist. I got mad and said "you killed my parents, didn’t you? You killed my sister, didn’t you?" He replied "hey you got to do what you need to do to be at top" I angrily slammed my food tray on the floor and said get out. The marshal who had helped save us had just arrived and as he came in he got his gun ready to fire. I told him he had murdered my parents and my sister. The marshal just laughed and then with a boom out came a bullet straight for my head. I ducked dodging the bullet. Then from the back entrance came another man holding a hammer, he reluctantly fired at my head until he knew for a fact that I had lost my memory. Again, my eyelids are closing and I can't remember anything. Next time my eyes open I'm on the road and the only thing I can remember is a cut off tongue I started wondering around until I found a hospital where I entered and asked for medication. They said to go to room 1234 and I

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