Erik Erikson 's Theory Of Social Development Essay

Erik Erikson 's Theory Of Social Development Essay

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Personal childhood development from the perspective of Erik Erikson’s theory of
Psycho-social Development
Erik Erikson introduced us to eight stages of development that happens over a person’s lifespan. At each stage, there is a developmental task with a crisis that will need to be resolved to successfully go through that stage development. During these tasks, vulnerability is increased and there is enhanced potential. If the task is handled successfully, then we can see healthy development occurring. This idea of people going through different stages helps to explain why people develop differently and how one develops during childhood can directly affect how they will be and/or act during later years in life. This paper will examine my personal childhood from the perspective of the first five stages (Infancy through adolescence) and how my development fits with these stages he proposes.
The First Five Stages of Development
Trust Versus Mistrust
This stage happens during the first year of infancy. During the first two stages it is very important to gain trust with the infant. By doing this the infant will sense that people are reliable and loving which leads to more trust in the world (Santrock 2014). I grew up in a very loving home even though I only grew up with one parent. It’s impossible to remember exactly from my perspective what happened to me during my infant years but I know that I was smothered in love. My mother decided that she would start a home daycare so that she would be able to spend more time with my sister and I. She provided constant care, which helped me develop a sense of trust that I carried with me to other relationships and the outside world. By having the experiences that I had through my first year of i...

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...o wanting to live in a van for the rest of my life. As I reach the end of this developmental stage, I have a sense of self. I have learned to respect others regardless of differing factors like religion. In Erikson’s theory of Psych-Social development, I successfully made it through this developmental period and gained the skills necessary to succeed.
While looking back at my childhood, I am able to see if I succeed or failed in Erikson’s theory of Psych-Social development. I have only been through the first five stages but I can see where I failed in these stages, which can explain a certain behavior I may have today. There are strategies for parents and educators that will help you understand how to increase a child’s chance of successfully completing the first few stages of development, which will help a person gain the necessary skills to develop in a

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