Essay on Equity Vs. Social Inequity

Essay on Equity Vs. Social Inequity

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Equity vs. Social Inequity

• According to Kranich (2005), equality by design addresses what the Constitution was said to be developed on that all men are created equal before God and before law. Unfortunately, the equality is based on advantages and disadvantages. In America it speaks to people’s ability to reap the fruits of a good society. In layman’s terms since we all bleed red blood we are all supposed to be equal.
• Equity speaks to fairness as people’s ability to access things and when talking fairly it is the ability to access things fairly. In other words, if one group has access say to education, then all groups should have access to the same education, the same quality of education (Kranich, 2005).
• Throughout American history, discrimination exist and additional laws are added to the Constitution to ensure that discrimination is lessened, to afford people a better playing field. Example is the affirmative action laws that were introduced into government (Kranich, 2005).
• An insight gained is that if the American people don’t buy into the concept because they think it is unfair, then the backlash persist. What I did not realize is all the challenges the libraries encountered to offer services to the poorer people because of the great divide with technology. However, they did figure out a equitable way to offer services across the board to those that wanted it or not and in made sure to include several languages. This makes sense to me because we do live in a melting pot of so many other nations.
• Glaser, Hildreth, McGuire, Bannon, (2011) focus was more on socioeconomic factors that outline the disadvantages of what is offered and available in urban cities as it relates to education and really looking at getti...

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.... Keep it pragmatic and give the people what they need when they obviously need it. I will revert back to the example of the libraries, clearly some libraries did not need the same things that the libraries needed in the disadvantaged areas of the country to offer them the opportunity of computer access, so why waste money and time if that was not a need. They might have needed something else that would have fit better for them.
The starting point is equality because we are all born equal in the eyes of God however, clearly we all don’t need the same things to have the opportunity to work toward self-actualization. As a public administrator, I will use these lessons learned and give people what they need in fairness. At work I will do my best to meet people where they are and help to give them tools to better their position and meet the expectation of the job.

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