Equal Access, And Equity Essay

Equal Access, And Equity Essay

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Ideally we all would like to say we live in a world with equal opportunity, equal access, and equity; however, that is not the case. Everyone has the right to equity, however not everyone has equal opportunity. The social constructions that are formed based on which social class an individual falls under will eventually dictate their successes later in life. Class is a big part of our identity and it can play a significant role in dictating if we have economic and/or social power. It can determine how we might get the power and how we may use it. Because our identity is socially constructed it can shape the way that students in different classes are perceived/treated and can greatly influence ones life experiences and opportunities. It is able to shape who we meet, what kind of education we may get, what type of jobs we get, where we live, and the inequities we may face.
In our society, it is clear that there are social constructions that are created based on which class a person falls under, however, these meanings are constructed and not set in stone. There are statistics that help explain the wealth distribution and the reality of which class controls what. In the introduction of Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty, Paul C. Gorski defines 5 different classes: Poverty, Working Class, Middle Class, Managerial Class, and Owning class. He states that the class systems he outlines are “imprecise” like the rest of them out there; however, it is “intended to help us understand relative differences in material realities among people who have more or less access to financial resources and, as a result, to equitable school experiences” (Gorski, 2013, p. 7-8). It is important to understand these different classes to be able to ge...

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...ces, she is still in poverty and, as a result, without guaranteed access to the most basic life resources” (Gorski, 2013, p. 7).
Without economic stability- one truly does not have a wide variety of things they can access. The opportunities are just not there. This goes along with one of Gorski’s main points he addresses within his book: “In the end, in a capitalistic society, the only commodities that guarantee somebody consistent access to basic human necessities like food, clothing, lodging, and healthcare are financial commodities” (Gorski, 2013, p. 7). If one does not have the basic necessities- they are obviously at a disadvantage in society. Socioeconomic status is important for a child’s development and for to have to be satisfied with life. Wealth allows for the chance of social or economic advancement, influence on policy, and availability of resources.

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