Essay about Epigenetics And Genetics : Our True

Essay about Epigenetics And Genetics : Our True

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Epigenetics and genetics: our true.
Epigenetics, which also means “above genetics”, is defined as the study of chemical reactions that take place in the organism as this one grows and develop. This chemical reaction activate and deactivate at certain time and location some parts of the genome. The video resulted extremely interesting because it shows how our body react to the epigenomes and how important is our lifestyle to our health and for the health of our next generations.
For years, scientists had though that the only way to get infected with an infectious disease is trough out parasites, viruses, or bacteria, but there is a reason why not everybody is susceptible to the same diseases or can be infected with the same virus than others, but do not show any symptoms. This differences is related to two factors that have place in our body without even been noticed, genetics and epigenetics. This molecular organisms adapt our immune system in a way that can prevent to get infected with any pathogen.
“Lyme as a Genetic Disease” (Meletis & Wilkes, 2014) which means it can be pass through out generations, but it does not means that if somebody in your family suffered from this disease you are going to be affected too. You have high probability to suffer from the disease, but that depends too of the epigenetics. The epigenome tells our cell what kind of cell they should be, while genome do the work, epigenome tells the genome what to do. Although epigenetic is not permanent, can be change through your life based on individuals’ lifestyle, heritage, and environment. This mean that, epigenetics can be change when an outside source changes genes expression in some way. Investigations had shown that outside sources like pesticides ca...

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... And given my lifestyle I have accrued 4 years. But I could add 11 more years if I optimized my lifestyle habits.
After reviewing all these fact, I can state that the only way to enjoy a healthy life for my welfare and the welfare of my next generations it take serious step to improve my lifestyle. The firsts steps will be consumed more fresh vegetables and fruit. More fish and nuts, to provide my body with nutrients such as Omega3. Be careful with harmful toxins that can decrease my life quality. Sleep enough hours each day to fulfil my body with energy. Also, exercise to maintain the body active. Be happy, do not stress out with daily things. Avoid bad habits such as drinking, smoking, or drugs that can affect my next generations. And last but not least, drink much water to help the body clean and bring new nutrients and proteins that can help him to preserve.

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