Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS Essay

Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS Essay

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1. Introduction
As ravaging effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic spreads, many businesses are realizing that the spread negatively affects their workforce, market and ultimately ability to earn profits (Sithole, 2007). Organizations now realize that HIV/AIDS is not simply a health issue, but a core business issue, as it affects the performance of infected employees and the company’s production and investments (Lisk, 2002; IFC, 2002). In response to this problem, many organizations are setting up on-site HCT facilities at their work places as a strategy to improve knowledge of HIV/AIDS which is critical to both prevention and treatment goals (DoH, 2009) of the debilitating infection.

This paper is designed to describe the HIV testing facility at the work place, the concepts surrounding the HCT process, wider logistic issues that are required for the smooth running of the HCT programme as well as persons required for manning directly or indirectly the HCT facility.

2. The HIV testing Facility and HCT
The main purpose of the HIV testing facility is to provide quality HCT services. According to the WHO (2001), quality HCT services can be defined as “accessible HCT services that meet the needs of clients and providers, in an equitable and acceptable manner, within the resources available and in line with national guidelines” (p. 1). The HCT process is generally based on the concept that the HIV testing must be ethical, based on human rights, conducted within a supportive environment and performed by a trained health care professional (DoH, 2010), following the principles of confidentially, consent and counselling [Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation (MoPHS), 2008]. Therefore the testing facility should be found in a confident...

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...Counselling in Kenya. National AIDS and STD control Programme (NASCOP), Nairobi: Kenya

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