Environmental Impact Analysis of Cement Plant in Ethiopia Essay

Environmental Impact Analysis of Cement Plant in Ethiopia Essay

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. Results on Impact Significance determination
4.1. Criteria Identification and Weighting
Impact is characterized by the nature, magnitude, spatial extent, timing, duration, reversibility, likelihood, frequency and mitigation potential (Sadler and McCabe 2002). Such criteria characterize all types of impacts in general. Since the study focused on local scale, six criteria were adopted (Kumar & Armani, 2012) to compare and judge the impacts that was identified during impact identification (Table 2).
Table 1. Detail description of the criteria and their value
Magnitude Occurrence Impact Detection Controls Legislation adopted
The size or the extent of the impact Frequency of the impact the degree of effect of the impact Sensing time of the impacts or the effect Controlling measures to the source of effect taking in the factory The status of complying with the countries standards
5 - severe 6-ontinuous 6- fatal to life 5-more than 24 hours 5- absence or no effective control 10- no meeting legislation or control limit
3- moderate 5-several times a day 5- health effects 4- within 24 hours 4- mechanism but not reliable 1- in compliance
1- low 4- once a day 4- affects flora and fauna 3- within 8 hours 3-control needs human intervention
3- once a week 3- resource consumption 2- within 1 hours 2-has in-built secondary control
2-once a month 2- discomfort 1- immediately 1- available and effective at source
1-very rare 1- negligible visual impact
The table shows the adopted criteria with their Likert scale based value to determine the degree of significance of the impacts. These criteria are easily understandable by local stakeholders to analyze the considerable impacts of the factory and to judge them. Each criteria are...

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... of 24 methodologies. Journal of environmental management, 30(3), 235-250.
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