Enterprise Technologies And The Value Chain Essay

Enterprise Technologies And The Value Chain Essay

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Enterprise Technologies and the Value Chain
In today’s business environment, an effective value chain helps a firm create a competitive advantage. Technology is essential in maintaining efficiency within the chain of value creating activities particularly enterprise technology. According to Poirier (2004) enterprise technology was borne from business partners who sought higher levels of saving and profits (p.1). Improvements progressed toward advanced supply chain management techniques that required the use and application of external resources. Some industries were quicker than others to adopt value chain optimization as the techniques were associated mainly with the manufacturing industry (Poirier, 2004, p.3). Eventually, insurance companies were automating their claim processes and healthcare organizations were seeking new ways to cut costs while providing quality care. The following paper briefly examines enterprise technology and how it supports the value chain. In addition, it will demonstate the effectiveness of an enterprise technology system using a real world example.
Enterprise Technology
Enterprise Technology is the term used to describe hardware and software configurations designed to improve a firm’s productivity and efficiency by providing compatible platforms and support functionality with common business applications. Many big businesses such as Walmart and Proctor & Gamble have found success with networked supply chains (Poirier, 2004, p.3). Enterprise systems offer particular benefits including an improved response to the marketplace and increased work quality as well as greater employee collaboration and efficiency (Nordmeyer, 2015). Early technology includes enterprise systems which allows companies to int...

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...iency within the value chain. Enterprise technology is especially important in connecting the value creating activities with a chain. Enterprise Technology describes the concept of information technology resources and data that are shared across an enterprise. Larger corporations have used supply chain management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for years and small business are starting to see opportunities for enterprise technology within their supply chains. Supply chain management process can be as a basic as using Microsoft Windows software or as complex as using ERP systems. Even the U.S. Army has adopted an ERP system to streamline these functions. The effective performance of the new system can be assessed by a series of added benefits that are expected by the Army to include integration of databases and better funds and allocation management.

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