Essay about Enlightenment And The Declaration Of Independence

Essay about Enlightenment And The Declaration Of Independence

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Enlightenment and the Declaration of Independence
The two most single events that change the course of mankind within the accounts of the colonies was the Age of Enlightenment and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. The propinquity of these two components constituted one of the greatest, most single important literary articles in the history of this country. This historical parchment conceived from the great minds that arose from the ashes of puritan ignorance; initiate a course of events that forever changed the colonies and was instrumental in the shaping of the United States of America. The Age of Enlightenment was an intellectual, scientific, and spiritual, awakening; a time of reasoning that pulled the minds of the people out of the darkness of fear and absolute authority of the church and God; which govern the thoughts and actions of the Puritan colonies. Born in this era where men of sufficient means that learn the precepts from others with extraordinary minds. Thomas Jefferson was one of these men who was afforded the amazing opportunity to study in the most esteemed learning institutions of that time, and because of this education, he was exposed the greatest enlighten thinkers of that era. For one to comprehend the indication, of the significance formed by the document, they must understand the fundamental concepts of what enlighten thinking expressed, how it fashioned the document, the individuals who drafted the declaration of independence and why, the conceptual literary analysis of the document, and the application of use pertaining to the people it represented.
Around the 18th century, the age of enlightenment was a time of reason; which embraced spiritual, nature, and scientific thinkin...

... middle of paper ...

... king understood their committed determination, The pledged their life, possession, and honor to bring it to fruition. Throughout the entire document the age of enlightenment was influencing the author, however, in the last section, one can see the religious aspect move intensely. This is revealed when he alluded to the thought, to look to the divine for protection.
Over two hundred years have passed since the signing of the declaration of independence and it hold true as if it was written yesterday. The founding fathers of the declaration of independence were emphatically enlightenment thinkers and was willing to substantiate with their very lives. This document encompassed the very essence of enlightenment; by holding fast to the concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness allows each and every individual the freedom that is their inalienable rights.

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