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English Views On Native Americans Essay

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English Views
In the seventeenth century, the English and many other Eastern countries came to the “new land” for a vast amount of reasons. Many of these foreigners came for religious freedom, some to seek fortune, and others were convicts being deported. However, for those who came across the sea, there was one thing they were not planning to have conflict with when they arrived. The natives, or as the English called them “savages”, which were a distinction on how some viewed these natives, had made this land their home long before settlers came exploring. The differences in language, hierarchy, and society divided these two cultures. Living in the same region, the relationships between the natives and English varied among the East coast. Conflicts and friendships arose among the following years of interaction. In the seventeenth century the English had negative and positive views towards the Native Americans that included a depiction of their characteristics, regulations, and dispositions which helped mold the relationship between the two cultures.
The English had a negative and positive reaction to what the Natives wore. In England the clothing they wore was different to what the Native Americans wore in everyday life. The contrasting climates had the Natives wearing less clothing and more animal skins, where the English wore more clothes covering themselves. The English saw the less clothing as inappropriate and saw it as more earthly clothing since they had “stick long blades [of] grass, the leaves of Trees” to hide themselves in the front and back. The different clothing was one subject that the English found shocking as well as interesting because the Natives wore animal skins of “wild beasts”, pertaining to the fact that...

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...after everything they did to help John Smith 's people that they would have the audacity to “come to destroy my Country, so much frightened all my people”, he was also referring to the fact that John Smith did come to talk about the raid to Powhatan but “ broke Powhatan political protocols by bringing an armed escort of Virginia soldiers.” Powhatan saw this as the English becoming more hostile when all he has ever tried is being civil towards the newcomers. He wanted the English to see them as friends so they would not attack and hurt his people. Although John did not like the letter he used it to show that the English were not being loved by all natives and were being “violated by some of your subjects”, he wrote to Chief Powhatan. This argument showed that the both sides of the cultures were on a thin line with each other and had no place to have any disagreements.

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