English Fashion Model Georgia Jagger Has Made The Bold Statement That `` True Love?

English Fashion Model Georgia Jagger Has Made The Bold Statement That `` True Love?

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English fashion model Georgia Jagger has made the bold statement that “Reality TV rots people 's brains”. This seems to be a common opinion among many people. Which leads one to wonder why these reality programs are still created year after year despite all of the constant criticism. The reality T.V. show that continue to reel in audiences on a weekly basis seem to be those which have to do with finding love. These types of shows can, and are often, altered to keep the genre from going stale, but essentially they all serve the same purpose. Dating shows aim to match up complete stranger in an attempt of finding “true love”. Although most shows recycle the same program with slight differences, their audience does not seem to go down. The reason reality television has had continuous popularity in the mainstream may be because the viewers relate to the participants and like to imagine how they would handle similar situations.
One of the more popular dating shows in the past decade is The Bachelor. This show is described as, “True love gets the reality treatment in this long-running dating game, in which a successful bachelor romances a number of beauties. The list of possible paramours is reduced each week until he gives a final red rose to one of them” (TVGuide.com). In this program a bachelor choses to give roses to those he would like to stay in the house. This is typically given to those he would like to get to know better. The bachelor’s decision is based on the multiple interactions made with the contestants, such as dates, or simply observing how the women interact with one another. On some occasions the bachelor will either hand out more, or less, roses than expected. Ultimately, the point of the show is for the bachelor an...

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...ir lives with. Another key factor is that The Bachelor does not feature a cash prize for the “winning” contestant while the other program offers one million dollars to be split among all the participants. In addition, one show aims to create one couple that will fall in love and be together forever. The other aims to create ten different couples. These two programs share the same end result, but ultimately they are two completely different shows.
In today’s society, reality television is just one of those trends that seems like it will never fade. And why would it? Obviously these types of programs consistently garner mass audiences, therefore producers must supply the demand. Reality television is so successful because audiences feel as if they can relate to those they are watching and like to imagine how they would handle the situations of a reality TV lifestyle.

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