Energy Sources Of Solar Energy Essay

Energy Sources Of Solar Energy Essay

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Energy Sources
Energy is a source that everybody needs. Energy is necessary for movement, light, growth, to provide heat and power. Energy is classified by the different sources of energy that exist. Those sources of energy are either renewable energy or non-renewable energy. Each type of energy has different benefits and disadvantages.
According with James Bratley said, “Renewable energy is a natural energy that does not have a limited supply… can be used again and again and never run out” (Bratley). One type of renewable energy is the solar energy that comes from the Sun and has a brilliant potency. The main benefit of solar energy is that it is renewable, meaning you are not going to run out of solar energy. Another benefit is that solar energy does not cause pollution, which then will help to improve the air quality because it does not release harmful gases. Solar energy does not need fuel to produce electricity. Some benefits I like most are that solar energy helps to reduce electricity costs in a long term, the maintenance is minimized, and solar panels do not make noise. There are also disadvantages of solar energy. First, the initial cost of solar panels is high and it will take years to get back your investment. Second, the solar panels need to be located in a place that receives direct sunlight, because if they are in a place that is covered by trees or big buildings, the panels will not work. Third, in winter months, solar collectors cannot produce enough energy that the home uses. (Disadvantages of Solar Energy.)
Another type of renewable energy is wind energy. “Wind energy is the process by which the wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity.” (“Wind Energy”) The wind energy can...

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... the amount that can be sold. Second, the extraction of petroleum includes burning oil and that increases global warming. Last, it is a non-renewable form of energy resource so that when the demand increases the cost increases too.
In conclusion, these two sources of energy, renewable and non-renewable energy, provide to us different benefits and disadvantages. In the end, we are not going to see any result if the whole world is not working together to develop the best option for renewable energy. This is a team effort that is necessary for our benefit if we want to preserve this planet. For my personal use, I select solar energy because I think it is one of the best sources of renewable energy. It also helps my decision that the government provides some incentives to support energy efficiencies and encourage the use of these renewable energy sources.

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