Essay on Ending The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Essay on Ending The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

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Summary Assignment
Ojela Burkhard
Chamberlain College of Nursing 

Summary Prewriting

Theme: Health and Wellness
Topic: Childhood Obesity
Title: Ending the Childhood Obesity Epidemic. Childhood obesity is a widespread problem across the world and there is a solution for it to end.
Intended audience: The intended audience is current parents, future parents and anyone else that could be interested in the solution to end childhood obesity.
Writer’s background: Dr. David S. Ludwig is a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Boston and a professor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.
Writer’s angle: The idea of ending childhood obesity is not quit arguable. Though, how to go about it and the main causes and triggers for childhood obesity are arguable. In the article, it presents who to blame and how to end obesity in an overall aspect in Dr. David S. Ludwigs opinions.
Part 1: The one-sentence summary
Dr. David Ludwig(2010) is a great pediatrician. He has written a wonderful book that informs parents how to feed their children in a natural way, decrease sedentary activities, but increase physical activity instead. He warns the severity of the problem with childhood obesity and explains ways to combat the factors like poor research, government cheap processed foods that are being promoted.
Part 2: The one-paragraph summary
Dr. David S. Ludwig (2010) warms of the severity of the childhood obesity issue and goes to explain that the “environmental factors” are promoting the unhealthy lifestyle. He also states and believes that there should be more regulation when it comes to unhealthy foods being marketed towards children. Parents are actually receiving false information about the food they are giving to children, while in thei...

... middle of paper ...

...states points that are quit convincing. The government allowing food companies to lie to the public about food research is also affecting the outcome of future generations. Physical education and school sports are being cut because of money while subsidies for farmers who produce cheap filler foods is allowed only compacts the childhood obesity problem. All of this is promoting the increase of childhood obesity. My thought is the government should step in and take control of this issue. Of course, there are many who believe that childhood obesity will go away when they get older, but realistically it only affects them in the future. I also agree with Ludwig that parents are responsible in making sure that their children are healthy and active.

Part 5: Reference
Ludwig, D.S. (2010). Ending the Childhood Obesity Epidemic. Natural Food Merchandiser, 31(5),p.10-12

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