The End Of Life Option Act Essay

The End Of Life Option Act Essay

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There is a right to life, is there a right to die? The “End of Life Option Act”, authorized physician assisted suicide it was signed on October 5, 2015, by the governor Jerry Brown. This movement also called “Right to Die” or “Assisted suicide.” Before the bill was signed, Brown was struggling to decide if he will approve it or not. He said “what I would do if I was in these people’s situations suffering from pain and facing death” (Botelho). After thinking about it, he approved it considering comfort. Brown insists, “No matter how great his pain and suffering” (Botelho). By saying that he meant that we don’t know what people are going through in their life they might be suffering and hurting from diseases or family. The only way for them to forget that or go over that struggle is suicide. This action allows people ages 18 or older, suffering from illness or mental disease with six months or less to live to end their own lives with physician assistance. They should be capable of making decisions about their own lives. This gives them the option to request the drug to live their lives or die. This act required many steps and document verification for the patient and doctors before their request may be granted. The patient must also submit one written and two oral requests 15 days apart. This right is similar to decisions such as marriage and family relationships. The death with dignity organization is a social good that seek to establish morally beneficial outcome for the social good of people in the states that rejected the right to die. The organization is surely right about establishing what they are looking forward because humans have the right to control their lives.
Death with dignity is an organization that asks people, esp...

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...e they believe that human life is sacred by God and no one has control over it. God is the only person who decides how long a person will or should live. They also believe that if people have a strong faith will not do that act. When they choose to take that human life away, they should demand the value of human life.
In conclusion, we are all human and we have the right to fight for each other. Innocent people are suffering all over the world and we are in peace. They are fighting the disease and at the same time they want to stop the injustice and achieve justice. They want the rights to die in dignity. The argument is over the right to die with dignity and peace with a physician assisted and in the manner of your choice.. It is a good thing to end a person suffering, but not a life. People have different views, but no one can demand on insisting something wrong.

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