Essay on Employee of Eternity Nominations

Essay on Employee of Eternity Nominations

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Brigid O’Shaughnessy, Phyllis Nordlinger, Walter Huff, and Helen Grayle are my top nominees for Employee of Eternity, they will be wonderful asset to Hell,Inc. and its mission. They all are similar in the fact that they have committed murdered, a large portion of their cause is due to money or to get what they want, and then they have to cover up what they did. With the women, their similarities are their immaculate skills in seducing, manipulating, and lying, using their bodies and looks to get men to kill for them or protect them from the law. With Walter, his difference is pure remorse and you will not see that with any of the female candidates they truly have never felt bad for murdering someone. The final difference in my nominees is Phyllis whom is not necessarily evil, but completely psychotic in believing she is death and it is the only one she has ever loved, she is the only choice that desires and utterly pleasures in causing death. I will further review each choice and their personal sins along with details that could qualify them.

The Maltese Falcon’s Brigid O’Shaughnessy is a prime choice for candidate number one with her seducing and evil ways. Her character is deceiving because she portrays herself as sweet and innocent as long as she can, but that is far from true. First, she seduces Floyd Thursby adding him as a partner in hunting down the falcon, in the end getting him killed. Then she tops that off by shooting Miles Archer, using Thursby’s gun and putting the blame on him. Sadly Sam Spade falls into her trap and is used for her personal body-guard and information source concerning the falcon. Moving on from Spade to the captain of the ship, which she previously seduced and hid the falcon with, who is sho...

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..., Helen Grayle is my favorite and I feel she would bring so much demonic presence to Hell, Inc. she did not murder any children. Therefore I must award the position to Phyllis Nordlinger. The choice was not easy but Phyllis is dedicated to death and the values of evil. I can gladly say she qualifies for every aspect of Hell, Inc. plus adding the perfect psychopathic essence.

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