Empathy and Non-Verbal Communication Essays

Empathy and Non-Verbal Communication Essays

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Empathy develops overtime in a bonding relationship. Empathy is being able to understand the feelings another person is undergoing. In the Human Relationships Encyclopedia it states “empathy is a psychological phenomenon that at least temporarily unites the separate social entities of self and other.” (Human Relationships, 515) Two different types of empathy are cognitive and emotional empathy. Cognitive empathy is when a person tries to understand the feels of another, while emotional empathy is when people share similar emotions and feelings. Empathy can lead to different behaviors including taking actions to find a solution in a crisis. Empathic accuracy is when a person tried to make the correct inference over another being and tries harder to act correctly in a crisis.

Non-verbal communication consists of interaction between body language and facial expression. Facial expressions are the initial factor to expressing emotion between beings. Animals interact with each other by using non-verbal communication. Nonverbal communication is important in building a relationship. Interactions between humans can be assisted by eye contact, close distances, and direct contact. Non-verbal communication appears in human development. The amount of time spent between relationships can be a main component to building a successful relationship and lead to closeness.

Empathy is a main component that influences Eliza to use non-verbal communication to be able to make the correct inference. Empathy is what makes Eliza determined to be able to understand the animals. Eliza shows empathy by sharing the same emotions as the animals. In the Human Relationship Encyclopedia it states “Another important way in which empathy influenc...

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...ching the electric fence, she is reminded about the fact the African safari man had told her and taps the elephant behind the ear making the elephant turn around. Since the man was willing to spend the time studying the interaction of elephants, he has cognitive empathy. He was able to understand the mental level of the elephants. Eliza was able to take advantage of the cognitive empathy to find a solution to the crisis.

Humans are in need of building a relationship with animals by studying animal life, spending time with animals, and with this advice we will be able to make the correct inference. By doing this, we will be able to have both cognitive and emotional empathy for animals. Non-verbal communication can be seen as as the main aspect to building relationships with animals, but empathy and making the correct inference is what creates a stronger bond.

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