Emergency Shelters: Friends of the Homeless Essay

Emergency Shelters: Friends of the Homeless Essay

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Identification of Community Resource
The community resource chosen to report on is the Friends of the Homeless. They are located at 755 Worthington Street Springfield, MA. The main phone number for the Friends of the Homeless is (413) 732-3069 or they can be reached through their website, www.fohspringfield.org. Depending on what services are needed the service hours vary. The resource center was the main focus of the interview which is in operation from 8am to 5:30pm. The dining services are open for an hour during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The shelter is open from 5:30 pm to 8am. I interviewed the receptionist, and one of the volunteers that has served the Friends of the Homeless for many years, names are not included to protect confidentiality.
The reason that this resource was chosen was it is an area that I do not know much about. The services to homeless population are areas that I feel are important to the community, and knowing about the resources available locally can help put me in touch with information that may be helpful for the patients I may serve in the future.
Overview of Resource
Friends of the Homeless is one of the largest emergency shelters for the homeless population in this area. They provide shelter for men and women; serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner; help place people in permanent housing; provide a resource center which provides dental and medical care along with training in computers, job readiness to dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues. They aim to get people back on track and help them to deal with issues that may have led them to become homeless.
The mission of Friends for the Homeless (2013) “...is assiting people that are homeless. We strive to bring dignity to p...

... middle of paper ...

...eat resource for people expierencing homelessness.
In the future, I think this will impact the way that I see individuals that are homeless. In knowing about this resource, this will be a resource that I will be able to utilize in helping peopel that under my care. Homelessness is a major issue, and can greatly impact a person in ways of body, mind, and soul. By providing shelters and resources, a person can gain information and resources while being taken care of on a basic level.

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