Essay on Embracing Contraries in the Learning Process

Essay on Embracing Contraries in the Learning Process

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It is essential for a student to know what learning means and to recognize what are the areas in which their response is not according to what is vital for learning. To success as student it is a need to constantly revise how are the attitudes took in the two different characteristics of learning, so that learning may convert in the real acquirement of knowledge or skills complete by experience and by study and being taught.
First of all experience is only gained by practice. A kid learns how to walk after falling many times. Those many falls will bring experience to the kid and suddenly one day the kid will be walking without problem. It may also apply in how we learn to tie our shoes, to brush our teeth, to write and so on. The learning process at school is not different. We learn to do a thing by practicing it. If my teacher is asking me to read or write lots of pages and week after week is to help me to have the experience of read or write.
As a normal fact we act in our daily life by analyzing what we are going to do. I do not go to my kitchen and eat something just because I feel hungry. If I feel hungry first I analyze if it is because is time to eat, because I am nervous or I simply need a snack, then I will eat or not according to what my analysis tells me. This I know because of what I have felt in previous experience. Learning is defined as the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught, but this is not always clearly established by the student.
Imagine that the learning process is like a sandwich; study will be one bread and experience the other bread. Many of the things we learned come from books, articles, essays, handouts prepared by teachers, etc. that we read. Study comes to...

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... for the student and the means for learning. The teacher share their knowledge, time, dedication, patience and even love for the students in their role as teachers. Many times teachers are labeled by students as too tough, too light, too boring, too demanding and we can make an interminable list. But how many really appreciate what the teacher really is, what the teacher share? Even I label teachers if I did not finish my homework and the teacher addresses me; I easily prejudge them. The important is to sincerely take advantage of what the teacher gives in class, and realize that knowledge is not gain easily but with effort and commitment.
You cannot say that you know how a sandwich tastes just because somebody told you of all the ingredients of the sandwich, how it is made and how it tastes. You need to have the experience, to be able to say how a sandwich tastes.

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