Individual Learning Styles

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Individual Learning Styles

The purpose of this research paper is to examine learning styles theories to determine if teaching students to use their own particular learning style can help ail them in increased educational success. The learning style aspect consists of six key areas including brain processing, sensory modalities, physical needs, environmental preferences, social aspects, and attitudes. Besides the way a person operates, there are two other important factors that play a key role in effecting a person?s learning style. These important factors include each individuals learning patterns and a theory known as multiple intelligences. Individual learning patterns are focused on four main types ES, IN, EN and the IS. The theory of multiple intelligences is based on eight types of intelligences, these include visual/spatial, verbal/linguistic, Logical/mathematical, bodily/kinesthetic, Musical/rhythmic, interpersonal intelligence, and finally naturalist.

It is very important to understand and explore each individuals learning style. Analyzing one?s own particular learning style can be very helpful and beneficial to the student by aiding them in becoming more focused and an attentive learner, which ultimately will increase educational success. (Fatt, Teng, 2000). Discovering this learning style will allow the student to determine his or her own personal strengths and weaknesses and learn from them. Aside from that, this process will improve one?s self esteem because now the student will feel more comfortable and prepared to take on the learning challenge, also gives student the confidence needed to achieve their goals (Creative Learning Company, 2001). Students will also benefit from the simple fact that now the...

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... causes learning failure.

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Explains how to make the best out of one?s own personal learning style not only through learning but through the teaching aspect as well.

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Shows that when putting together one?s own particular learning style with the theory of multiple intelligences, the student will maximize their learning capability.

Learning Styles and Your Child. (2001). Encarta. Microsoft Corporation Defines learning styles as a whole and explains how parents and teachers can best accommodate each child through their learning experience.
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