Elizabeth Stanton : A Social Activist Essay

Elizabeth Stanton : A Social Activist Essay

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Elizabeth Stanton was a social activist and was one of the originators of the women’s moment in the United States. Stanton was an Author of many books, she was also a wife and a mother 7 children . She campaigning for women 's right with an emphasis on women 's rights to vote. In this paper I will walk through some of Stanton’s major life events.
On November 12, 1815 Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born in Johnstown New York. Stanton had 6 siblings until her older brother died in 1826, Elizabeth was 11 at the time. Elizabeths father Daniel was so depressed from his sons death he took some of that anger out on Elizabeth. Elizabeth expressed
“I still recall… going into the large, darkened parlor to see my brother and finding the casket, mirrors and pictures all draped in white, and my father seated by his side, pale and immovable. As he took no notice of me, after standing a long while, I climbed upon his knee, when he mechanically put his arm about me and with my head resting against his beating heart we both sat in silence, he thinking of the wreck of all his hopes in the loss of a dear son, and I wondered what could be said or done to fill the void in his breast. At length, he heaved a deep sign and said: “Oh, my daughter, I wish you were a boy!” Throwing my arms about his neck, I replied: “I will try to be all my brother was.”

After her brothers death and fathers disappointment and disapproval she dedicated a large portion of her life to schooling and studies. She was set out to prove to her father that she can accomplish great things. She attend Johnstown Academy until 1830, she was 15 and still anxiously wanting to continue her education. She was hoping to pursue her education at Union College but they did not except female s...

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...quotes that I thought truly concluded her loyalty to fight for women’s rights while she was alive and after she had passed away.
“Man’s intellectual superiority cannot be a question until woman has had a fair trial. When we shall have freedom to find our own sphere, when we shall have had our colleges, our professions, our trades, for a century, a comparison then may be justly instituted.”

“ It is our duty to assert and reassert this right [to vote], to agitate, discuss and petition, until our political equality be fully recognized. Depend upon it, this is the point to attack, the stronghold of the fortress- the one woman will find it most difficult to take- the one man will most reluctantly give up; therefore, let us encamp right under its shadow- there spend all our time, strength and moral ammunition, year after year, with perseverance, courage and decision.

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