Elizabeth I: Britain’s Triumphant Queen Essay

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The exceptional reign of Queen Elizabeth I stands out in British history. Her reign is one of the longest in British history. Under her rule Britain began to gain strength because her policies laid the groundwork for the future rulers to build upon. The previous rulers of England, such as Queen Mary I, created turmoil through their policies which their personal beliefs influenced greatly. Elizabeth I’s reign remained relatively stable and she implemented new political policies that helped to strengthen Britain. Elizabeth I’s rule marked a turning point in British history when Britain began its ascension to becoming a present day world power. Improvements in politics, the economy, the military, and foreign affairs along with progress towards religious tolerance made it possible.
Turmoil and unstable rulers marked the reigns of King Henry VIII, Edward VII, and Queen Mary I. Henry severed ties with the Catholic Church and had six wives in his lifetime. Removing Britain from the Catholic Church created chaos among citizens. One religion had been followed for several years and suddenly stability disappeared. Social and economic unrest marked Edward’s short rule. Born weak and ill, he became king at the age of nine and lived to fifteen. Because of his age several people ruled in his place, each person implementing new ideals. After Edward followed Queen Mary, she earned the nickname Bloody Mary for her policy of public execution of religious radicals. Over the course of thirty years Britain fought in several wars and encountered two rebellions. Compared to the previous rulers, Elizabeth I’s ability to rule proved more beneficial to Britain (J. Thomas 82). While many of her critics viewed her gender as a negative, Elizabeth I used it to...

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