Elementary / School Age Level Children Essay

Elementary / School Age Level Children Essay

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According to Lifespan developmental theorists, elementary/school age level children are in the middle childhood developmental stage of life which spans from ages 6, in some cases 5 through 12 years. Consequently children between this age range experience significant growth and changes in different areas of their development inclusive of physical, motor development and play, cognitive and social development as well. These varying changes inevitably impact their later development. With regards to cognitive development, elementary children are described by Piaget as being in the concrete operational stage where the concepts of conservation, classification, seriation and spatial reasoning ability are explored. Conservation enables children to focus on several aspects of problems and having them demonstrate the ability to mentally reverse them (Berk, 2010). Classification, on the contrary, is indicative of children’s increased awareness of classification hierarchies and their abilities to focus on a general and two specific categories at the same time (Berk, 2010). Seriation simply alludes to children’s capacity to organize items along quantitative dimensions such as length and width (Berk, 2010). Conversely, spatial reasoning focuses on children’s understanding of space and requires perspective taking skills.
The construct of intelligence is chiefly focused on “individual differences in mental ability” and has over the years had several models postulated in an attempt to theorize its facets (Drummond, 2004, p. 124). Some of the more prominent models purported includes Thurstone’s Multifactor theory, Vernon’s Hierarchical theory, Guilford’s Model of intelligence, Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Successful Intelligence, Cattell’s Fluid...

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...J III) Tests of Cognitive Ability is mainly designed for usage with individuals’ ages 2 to 90 years. The WJ III is derived from Cattell-Horn- Carroll (CHC) theory of cognitive abilities and provides a comprehensive model for assessing a wide array of cognitive abilities. The WJ III is frequently used in the diagnosis of learning disabilities and for evaluating the need for special education resources and services (Hood & Johnson, 2006). The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales is relatively new with its intended use with individuals’ age 3 through 94 years. It is inclusive of a co-normed additional memory tests and has the capacity to yield valid and reliable verbal and nonverbal measures of intellectual ability in reasonably short time on average between 20 to 25 minutes (http://www.education.com/reference/article/intelligence-testing/. Retrieved June 21, 2014).

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