Electronic Plasma Display Monitor ( Lcd ) Essay

Electronic Plasma Display Monitor ( Lcd ) Essay

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Cathod Ray Tube Monitor:
It is invented by Karl Ferdinand Braun. A beam of electrons strikes towards the CRT, and the collision of electrons with phosphorus produce light.(more about this topic and LED also).
Liquid Crystal Display Monitor (LCD):
It uses thin film transistor technology to display. The TFT is a part of the LCD. The main difference between LCD and TFT monitor is that the TFT monitor uses a tiny transistor for each pixel on the display. This allows the electrical current that illuminates the display to be turned on and off at a faster rate. Which makes the display brighter and shows motion smoother. These transistors are used in high-quality flat panel LCDs. The LCD monitor’s do not use this technology due to this LCD display could not keep up with fast moving images.
Characteristics of a Monitor:
Dot pitch is also called pixel pitch. It is the measurement that represents the diagonal distance between colored phosphorous dots on the display screen. The dot pitch for monitor in personal computer ranges from 0.15mm-0.30mm.
Refresh rate represents the number of times the image is displayed per second. The number is measured in Hz. Higher refresh rate less image flicker on the screen refresh rate less than the 60Hz produces an image flickering, meaning the image appears again and again.
Monitor Cable Technology:
1.Video Graphics Array (VGA):
VGA card represents the computer display standard introduced with the IBM in 1987. It is a video adapter, which is used for transferring the video signals in the monitor. A generic VGA has 15 pins and each pin (except of 3 spare pins) is defined for transferring a particular color signal. The display information is sent to the monitor in the analog form through a VGA. Nowada...

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...assigned to Hosts but are designed for Multicasting (one-to-many) communication each class in class D defines a particular group of Hosts on the Internet.

Class E:
Class E addresses are also not assigned to Hosts. These types of addresses are not used for general applications but are reserved for expermental purpose.
Unicast IP Addresses:
Unicast helps in one-to-one communication. Unicast IP address uniquely identifies a host in a particular network when a data packet is sent from a host to the destination address.

Multicast IP Addresses:
Multicast address helps in one-to-many communication, when a data packet from a host is sent to a group of hosts and not to a single destination address.

Broadcast IP Addresses:
Broadcast address help in one-to-all communication. A Broadcast IP address allows a data packet to be sent from a host to all other hosts on the network.

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