Essay on Electrical Project Laboratory Report

Essay on Electrical Project Laboratory Report

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The outcome of my electrical project was a terrific outcome. I managed to work out my schedule to efficiently and effectively complete the circuit. My first mission was to come up with a legitimate set of calculation which would allow me to meet my criteria for the project. After successfully coming up with calculations, this subsequently led to me beginning to build my circuit. Building the circuit became a challenge because I had to remember to align my voltage drops with the correct resistors. Overall, the project was a success! Without the correct use of mathematics, this project would not have been possible. Math enables solutions to problematic equations. With that said, the circuit board was an overall problematic equation that needed to be solved through mathematics. In order to fully understand the relevance of these mathematics problems, I must first had to be aware of the different rules with creating on electrical circuit board; rules such as Ohms Law and well as Kirchhoff’s Law. Being able to discern the proper use of series and parallel calculations played a pivotal role in completing this assignment. In the following sections, I will further elaborate on the pros and cons of the electrical project.


The purpose of this project was to apply the engineering design process to an electrical circuit problem. From writing the first basic problem statement to the submitting the final laboratory report, this project was able to challenge my ability to use the various tools acquired throughout the semester. These tools ranged from time management, attention to detail, simple mathematical calculations and calculation accuracy. In addition to constructing and testing a direct current (DC) vol...

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...f my actual voltage of 2,506.666. After identifying my possible series, I can begin to complete my calculations. Node 3 was a complicated circuit. This set required 3 resistors in a parallel set as well as a series set. My goal was to get within 5% of 5,911.88. My calculations were1/((1/220)+(1/220)+(1/220) )+330+3,300+2,200. My last two nodes took the longest time because at this point I was limited on resistors. In order to make this circuit successful, I made to sets of parallel sets; each parallel set had 3 resistors each. This left me with enough resistors to complete the rest of the board without exceeding my limit. My project was a success and if it had not been for my sources, this would have been more complicated. My only recommendations is to better explain and simplify Kirchhoff’s Law so that the student can succeed without too self-teaching references.

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