Eight High Performing Asian Economies: The Four Tigers Essay

Eight High Performing Asian Economies: The Four Tigers Essay

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Eight high performing Asian economies (HPAEs)-Japan; the "four tigers": Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan; and the three newly industrializing economies (NIEs) of South- east Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand have achieved tremendous economics growth in the last forty years of development, because of east asia has a remarkable record of high and sustainable economic growth between 1965 to 1990 its 23 economies grew faster than those of all other region. This achievement is attributable to seemingly miraculous growth in.

Hong Kong is a small region of china ,whose area is 1,045km2 and it manage to increase the grown rate up to 6 percent per capita , while 1961 to 1966 , The freedom of the Hong Kong has successful rated the world’s freest economy. The nature of the products and market served by Hong Kong manufacturer. Therefore Hong Kong becomes a major commercial center in Asia.

The main factor of Hong Kong became a success story is inextricably linked up with china, particularly Hong Kong’s getaway functions to China for financial services and capital and know how manufacturing, have driven information industry expansion. Two tiered information industry in Hong Kong reflectec Hong Kong from a centre relatively labor intensive consumer good manufacture to high tech trading and Services. First, an declining electronics manufacturing base that is redeploying physical asset, investment, capital and managerial skill to the provinces china. Second , a booming information services market led by bank , trading house, and insurance companies which involved in getaway transaction transaction to china and other international deal making. From 1982 to 1992 , the manufacturing as a share of gross domestic prod...

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...istics management. Many companies that do have satellite operation have located them in southern China and therefore do not rely on advance infrastructure to communicate with those facilities. Second, Hong Kong ‘s manufactory industry is dominated by small and medium sized companies that lack the resources to develop value - added services.Third, the government is laissez -faire , but its support is needed to develop advanced physical infrastructure and value-added services, particularly where industries are dominated by small companies , intial costs are high or return supplier and operator are too low to attract them.

Nevertheless , there is a growing awareness that for Hong Kong to say competitive, as a manufacturer and as a regional centre for manufacturing industries, improvement in advanced infrastructure , particularly in value -added services are needed.

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