Essay on Egyptian Architecture and History

Essay on Egyptian Architecture and History

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This discourse revolves around the development of art and architecture with reference to Egypt. It endeavours to bring out various phases in the development of art and architecture in Egypt. Besides, it describes how different personalities, events and themes, over time, influenced art and architecture. Not only are the progressive changes leading up to modern-day art and architecture discussed, but also the geographical, social, cultural and political factors which affect art and architecture.
It is important to note that Egypt has among the oldest history in world’s civilization. It is considered to be a pillar of intellectualism, politics, arts and archicture. Egyptian history has endured the destructive force of time through the ages and has permeated into major spheres of contemporary society (Moffett, Fazio, and Wodehouse 36). Consequently, its influence on modern world’s ecomomy, politics, intellectualism, art and architecture cannot be over emphasized. In other words, Egypt can be termed as the founding father of a majority of the systems in the world. However, there has been a continual improvement, change and modification of the systems originally established in Egypt. As such, this paper traces back to the distant origins of art and architecture in Egypt and elucidates the progressive changes leading to present-day practices in art and architecture.
Egypt was initially divided into two independent regions, North Egypt and South Egypt, each under a different ruler. Special hats were made and worn by the rulers as a mark of authority. At around 3000BC, Narmer, the king to the southern region, rallied his army ledit in a conquest of the northern region (Moffett, Fazio, and Wodehouse 54; Dorman 7). This marked the unific...

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