The Ego Is The Opinion That You Have About Yourself Essay

The Ego Is The Opinion That You Have About Yourself Essay

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I want to start with defining what the ego is, according to the Merriam Webster learners dictionary the ego is the opinion that you have about yourself. We usually spend our entire lives forming an ego without realizing it. It 's created through different beliefs that we gather growing up. No one has the same ego because we all create different opinions about ourselves.
When we learn how to master our ego and are open to learning and growing we stop our ego from having so much power over us. Many people don 't realize that their ego is sometimes holding them back from growing into a better version of themselves. If you practice yoga you are probably familiar with the ego being that Little voice inside our heads that causes us to worry and have anxiety. The ego keeps us in our own little world separated from what is happening in the present and doesn 't allow us to be grateful for what we do have. The ego causes fears that do not exist and it causes us to judge ourselves and judge others.
I want to paint a picture for you about your future. The future is non-existent it only exists in your mind. Any future events that you are worrying about do not even exist. There is no point in trying to figure out the future and worrying about it, is a total waste of our energy. A good exercise that I personally do is when I find that I am thinking about the future I ask myself can I do anything about this right now? If my answer is no I completely stop thinking about it. If my answer is yes then I stop worrying and I get to work. I am not saying this is super easy to do but with practice it will become second nature I promise.
When it comes to our past our ego loves to keep us trapped in it. Some people get so caught up in their mista...

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...going to do everything to stop us from growing because when we do this we are basically destroying the identity that we have of ourselves and that everyone has of us. So when you decide to really chase your dreams and be true to yourself be prepared to fight through your ego because it is going to fight back hard. It won 't be very easy but once you get through that it will be so worth it because you won 't be just getting through life settling for the life you are living.
I dare you to be different and fight through your ego to be you, without caring what anyone else 's opinion of you. Don 't give up when your ego starts to fight back, that just means you are heading in the right direction so keep on pushing and you will be able to witness your own strength and determination as you break through your limits and push yourself to create what happiness means to you.

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