Efficient Wireless Power Transfer Through Magnetic Resonance Coupling Essay example

Efficient Wireless Power Transfer Through Magnetic Resonance Coupling Essay example

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Imagine a situation where no electrical device has to be plugged into a wall. In this case, a laptop or cell phone can charge itself easily and seamlessly just by being placing inside a room. This is the ability of many experimental wireless power devices that will be adapted to domestic use in the future. Today, the prevailing methods of energy transfer are wires and batteries. Wired connections are perhaps the most common. With this energy transfer method, energy is delivered from a power plant to a home. In the case of batteries, energy is stored as chemical energy in the battery cell. Once it is needed, the chemical energy can be released as electrical energy. However, both these methods have flaws. Both suffer from mild inefficiency and inaccessibility. For example, resistance in wires and batteries cause some of the energy to be lost as unusable heat (Schlanger). Furthermore, there are some cases in which a wire or a battery cannot be used to power a remote device that is not accessible. With this in mind, it is pertinent to introduce a new method of power transfer called wireless power. There are currently two distinct methods of wireless energy transfer: radiative wireless power transfer and non-radiative wireless power transfer. Both methods have different advantages and disadvantages. Although radiative wireless power transfer has many applications in the scientific field, non-radiative energy transfer is considered to be more practical based on its impressive efficiency.
Radiative energy transfer is a reality that is implemented in everyday life and is an application of solar power. This method is called “radiative” because it requires the use of electromagnetic waves, which radiate in all directions. The general goal...

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