The Effects Of Violence On School Schools Essay

The Effects Of Violence On School Schools Essay

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Physical violence including weapons and shootings are horrible occurrences on school campuses throughout the nation. Early detection of possible violence on campuses tied in with more counseling opportunities and stricter gun safety laws would lower the incident rate in U.S. schools. There’re many different underlying factors in a students’ life, which cause violent behaviors towards his or her peers, teachers, and parents. Students of all ages have to be able to balance their personal life with schoolwork; if the student isn’t able to stay focused on school work and find parental guidance, then the violence on social media, possibly the community and a challenging school environment can influence the student adversely. Studies performed in schools can help us not just determine the causes, but they can help us create action plans to help combat school violence. We can address these issues by increasing the community outreach by offering family counseling services, establish effective anti-weapon policies on campuses, and training classes for teachers in order to protect themselves and other students against violence in schools.

Fig 1 “Number of student, staff, and nonstudent school-associated violent deaths, and number of homicides and suicides of youth ages 5–18 at school: School years 1992–93 to 2011–12” (Robers)

Throughout the last two decades, there has been a large statistical coverage on school-violence and deaths on campuses in America. The National Center for Education Statistics has been reporting a decrease of school violence deaths within the past two decades as shown in figure 1(Robers iii;ix). However, even with a decrease in violence and deaths across schools in America, the nation’s most horrific massacres h...

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... guards, or even part-time police on duty. The National Center for Educational Statistics has been tracking the data associated with the safety of our children and only 43 percent of all surveyed schools had some form of security personnel or guard present for at least one day a week in the 2013-14 school year. This is an alarmingly low number if one would really think about it. Sending children to school without an officer on staff could result in late response times during a violent outbreak. The reason of the staffing decrease is the lack of educational funding, but a well-trained teacher can substitute armed officers and security personnel. This is reflected in the data submitted by the NCES and outlines that up to 95 percent of public schools provided training for its staff on safety related procedures and the early detection of violence in students (Gray 2).

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