The Effects Of Training On Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism Clinician 's Guide

The Effects Of Training On Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism Clinician 's Guide

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Benefits of Training
This training is beneficial in that it provides a substantial overview of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Clinician’s Guide. However, it makes it very accessible and easy to understand for individuals who may have no prior education on alcohol assessment. Viewing the videos did not take much time, but as a whole, they provided significant practice for dealing with a variety of clients, all in varying states of alcohol use and stages of change and motivation. Additionally, this training is free and available to the public. The training itself was engaging, and the interactive components made it easy to see what information was particularly important and reinforced the learning and retention of all the material presented. For me personally, the training was beneficial because it allowed me to see an assessment in action. I was able to see how to respond to clients in a professional and empathetic manner that was both free from judgement but knowledgeable. Overall, the training presented as both engaging, while also full of useful and relevant content.
Case with personal impact
Darryl’s case impacted me the most personally. Though I do not drink to such excess as Darryl, his limited knowledge about acceptable drinking standards versus his own habits mirrored my own before taking classes such as this one. He, like myself, was unaware of the extent of the adverse health effects before someone provided him with an education. He also seemed to minimize his drinking behavior and not view it as a problem, when in fact, it has the potential to become a significant issue in the future. His other health habits suffered as a result of his drinking, much like mine have in the past.
Aside from pers...

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... of well-being. Furthermore, each professional in the case studies utilized valid assessment tools, such as the AUDIT.
Finally, the trainings upheld the ethics standard of the counseling (therapeutic) relationship. No professional presented his or herself as exploiting the power in their relationship and all kept open avenues of communication with their patients. They all upheld their duty to provide complete and accurate information regarding their alcohol consumption and warned of all concerning and relevant health issues. In certain cases, the professionals referred their clients to other services when the issue presented as out of their realm of knowledge, in order to provide the most beneficial service possible. Ultimately, each professional embodied the NAADAC Code of Ethics to their fullest capacity, rendering this training applicable to the code as well.

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