Essay about Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On The United States

Essay about Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On The United States

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During the late 19th century, the effects of the Industrial Revolution in England had finally reached the United States. A high demand for domestic products resulted in the largest economic growth the country had ever seen. Hand labor was quickly replaced by far more efficient machines but at the cost of thousands of young children driving its industrious workforce ( Staff). Sherwood Anderson was one of these people, but his days of child labor did not stop him from achieving personal success. As time went on, Anderson rose to become a lucrative businessman who established a foothold in the manufacturing industry. At the height of his professional career, writing, what used to be his beloved hobby, eventually became a full-time job, and Anderson became an author (Badertscher). By drawing from the experiences of his own life, Anderson was able to communicate stories that were fictitious yet felt authentic. While growing up in Ohio during the late 1800’s, Sherwood Anderson observed his surroundings, which prompted him to express his isolation through his characters’ desires, struggles, and emotions.
Shortly after moving from his birthplace of Camden, Ohio to Clyde, Ohio, Anderson’s father became a habitual drinker after losing his harness making job to “industrialization and periods of economic instability” while his mother remained at home and did her best to fulfill her husband’s responsibilities as a father to their, at the time, three children (Stuckey 4-6). Deciding he could not bear to watch his mother struggle alone, Anderson decided to forgo his education in order to financially support his family. He was employed in a series of jobs including newsboy and house painter. Thus, many of the townspeople nicknamed Ande...

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... his acquaintances could not see inside of him. Anderson’s desire to become a writer was overshadowed by his manufacturing job, and it was not until after his mental breakdown that this remote desire turned into reality. He also struggled to handle life’s pressures and refused to tell anyone about his problems, and as a result he went through his famous fugue state. Even after the incident, Anderson remained reclusive with his emotions evident by his various marriages and divorces. The man became overly self-reliant to the point where it placed him into a state of seclusion and drove him away from the help of others. It is only through George Willard and his family in Winesburg, Ohio that depicts what he truly felt. The short story collection serves as an introduction to his complex mind and thoughts, which later American authors believed to be profound and inspiring.

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