The Effects Of Texting On Language Development And Growth Essay

The Effects Of Texting On Language Development And Growth Essay

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Conversation is the form of vital interaction and communication between two or more individuals verbally or in written form. Conversation is very significant and it is an effective way of not only sharing information but also about socializing. There are various ways through which communication can be passed depending on the relationship between the individuals. There are various ways of communication, including phone calls and texting. There are people who prefer texting while others prefer phone calls. This issue has brought a debate regarding the most favorable way of communication, especially to teenagers and those in colleges. Currently, many young people and even the old people in the community prefer texting to phone calls. The wide use of texting has resulted to a lot of concern among educationalist and other professors. Some people claim that texting affect the language structure of individuals while others are of the contrary view. The big question to be addressed is whether texting builds or distorts language development and growth, particularly in students. Sherry Turkle and Michaela Cullington have tried to solve the mystery about texting. Text conversation is much more popular and influential because it has many avenues for practice and also involves a large number of users (the young people), hence affects language structure among teenagers.
Cullington in her article “Does Texting Affect Writing?” highlights both views of texting. People who support texting especially for students say that it is an effective way of building individuals’ confidence among students who are not confident enough to communicate with others. They believe that through texting, students are able to construct meaningful and concrete informat...

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...herry’s essay on the part that technology is a major contributor to texting. Nowadays, people find it easier to text their friends, colleges and even bosses rather than calling them. Phone calls have been sent aside for urgent issues only and not for friendly charts. I completely disagree with the idea presented in Cullington’s essay that texting helps in language development. This is not true at all based on the data collected which proves that students’ performance in creative writing and language development has decreased by 25 percent. This number is likely to increase because of the increase in the number of people texting.
Texting is an issue which is gaining a lot of attention and criticism. There are people who support texting while others are of the contrary opinion. The two essays of Cullington and Sherry have provided adequate information about this matter.

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