The Effects Of Technology On The Human Mind Essay

The Effects Of Technology On The Human Mind Essay

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Technological advancement has in many ways benefited human society as a whole, and humanity shows no signs of slowing down. However, even though all this new technology has had a beneficial growth on the world and ways words cannot describe, the greatest impact being on the human mind. More specifically and dangerously the minds of the growing youth. Technology has done nothing but make communication easier for people, especially through the invention of the smartphone. Society ignores the social and emotional development of the mind due to this new technology, which can be connected to stress, loneliness, and inattentiveness.
Speaking to somebody has turned into a tweet, post, text, or an email. Nowadays a message can be sent across the world in seconds making it possible to connect with more people than one can imagine. Teenagers are the biggest victims of the technological effects. More specifically the effects of the holy grail, the cell phone. An April 2009 Pew Internet study found that 71% of teenagers had a cell phone and 85% use texting as the main form of communication (Doersch). According to texting is such a huge part of a teenager 's life that 47% of them can text without looking at the screen (Face the Facts: Technology is taking over, one relationship at a time). Based on simple statistics such as these, it is safe to say that technology has forced a need for constant connectedness throughout the younger generations. The constant need to feel in the loop with what everyone else is doing is so strong that without it, they feel lost. Due to the anxiety that comes along with the lack of connectedness, relationships as a whole have changed. People feel the need to communicate constantly...

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...hey are lost. Being dependant on a tangible item is not normal, it is obsessive and concerning.
With all the new technology arriving at such a rapid pace, it is only natural that kids want the newest thing. But when the impact of development is social awkwardness, addiction to a device, and the stress of being connected constantly, people need to stop and think about balance. The pros of cellular devices are endless, but when they start to negatively affect society limitation is key. The constant need to be linked in with the newest social media, and people is not a beneficial quality to possess. Such a powerful tool does not seem like a large problem to most, but when kids can not go two seconds without checking their phones, life will pass them by. Technology impacts society as a whole, and with the youth addicted one can only imagine what the future holds.

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