Essay about The Effects Of Social Media On Student Stress

Essay about The Effects Of Social Media On Student Stress

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Social media has the ability to serve as a life coach, fashion consultant, and personal trainer, but could it also serve as our therapy? Social media is commonly used for communicating, interacting, and informing. However, some people view social media as a virtual escape away from the tension of their everyday lives (O’Keefe & Clarke-Pearson, 2011). My research will investigate the effects of social media on student stress. This topic is relevant because surveys have found that stress effects over 80 percent of college students (Adaa, 2010). Empirical research could analyze whether social media serves as a coping mechanism for stress.
Research have found various positive and negative effects of social media use regarding stress. One specific research project examined how social media was used to ease the transition of students from high school to college. Students entering college face a considerable amount of stress when attempting to make college their home away from home. This project featured a “peer-driven- forum” that allowed students to ask questions and build relationships with peers via social media before arriving to the institution (DeAndrea, 2011). Ultimately, this research found that students eventually used this form of social media as a communication tool with peers that took similar courses. One way of relieving stress could be the reassurance that one is not going through an ordeal alone. Having the ability to utilize social media to reach out to other students and create study groups or share notes and concerns regarding a class could be an ideal way of coping with school-related stress.
While some research projects discovered positive effects of social media use on stress, research has also revealed the neg...

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...and the specific social media used. The survey will also examine the entertainment components considered by the user, the amount of credit hours taken, student involvement, and general stress intensity throughout the student’s week. The survey will have a total of 20 questions that will evaluate these various components. My hypothesis is that social media is utilized as stress reliever for most HBCU students.
The purpose of this research proposal is to develop strategic ways to aid HBCU students with school-related stress. The surveys will discover that several HBCU students experience stress over the course of a semester and utilize some form of social media to cope with their stress. While student stress will always exist, this research will further raise awareness for depression and anxiety disorders, and begin to sculpt solutions for this issue on HBCU campuses.

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