The Effects Of Social Media On Crime Prevention And Awareness Essays

The Effects Of Social Media On Crime Prevention And Awareness Essays

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The Effects of Social Media on Crime Prevention and Awareness

Colton Robinson
Law Enforcement (CJ0392)
Robert Lee
October 27, 2014

Social media is becoming the most important and influential technological advancement in our country since the internet was created in the 1960s. For the longest time people were only limited to e-mails to make communication to one another and there were no large scale social media sites available. However, the internet started taking off in the early 2000s as new generations started bringing to the table new and more advanced ideas. Facebook was invented in 2004, where people were able to connect with whoever they wanted throughout the world to communicate and be able to share anything. On their website for the month of June in 2014 there were 829 daily active users on average. That is an incredible and alarming amount of information being transferred throughout the internet, and it’s all on just one search engine. There are a lot of social media sites out there today, but Facebook is definitely the largest and then followed by Twitter, which was created in 2006. This site allows for any person to send a message or “tweet” for anyone to see. Over 500 million tweets are sent per day according to
With the creation of these sites the world is becoming connected and shrinking at a rapid rate. Everyone and their dog it seems like have a social media account. As technology continues to make advancements, people are required to make advancements to support technology. It is almost impossible to keep up with everything, especially crime. One major group of people who are just now catching up with the social media trends are those men and women in law enfor...

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