Essay on The Effects Of Smoking On The Human Body

Essay on The Effects Of Smoking On The Human Body

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All over the world people smoke, cigarette after cigarette, pack after pack, killing themselves and those around them one puff at a time. Smoking tobacco, no matter how it is done, is a careless act that harms almost all organs and systems in the human body.
One single cigarette contains about 600 ingredients and in the time that one is lit it produces over 7,000 chemicals. Within those chemicals an innumerable amount are poisonous and at least sixty nine of them are linked to causing cancer (“American Lung Association”).It is said that more than sixteen million people are living with a disease that was caused by smoking. The list of diseases go on and on from eye diseases to tuberculosis, and a number of them lead to death. Every year nearly six million people die from something related to tobacco use. Smoking alone is proven to be responsible for about 480,000 deaths, to simplify that is around 1,300 every single day. Just a few of the chemicals that one cigarette is composed of include acetone, which is found in nail polish, arsenic, which is found in rat poisoning, benzene, which is found in rubber cement and they also include the well-known and highly addictive stimulant, nicotine which is found as an insecticide. Everyday people inhale all of these ingredients and deadly chemicals not knowing the effects it has on their bodies or even how it affects the people around them.
As if it did not have enough negative consequences already, smoking is a leading cause of cancer. It is also the most preventable form of cancer. It causes at least fourteen different types of cancer including lung, which is the most common , esophagus, mouth, larynx, throat, kidney, bladder, liver and many more. Damaging a person’s DNA, including key g...

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...e weight because it also depresses appetite, it can make someone not want to eat, resulting in not enough nutrients for the body 's needs. Also if someone would begin to smoke, just to lose weight, they would have many other things to worry about like diseases and even death. This is an unhealthy habit that could result in becoming very ill for something that could be resolved in a better, more efficient way.
Smoking is detrimental to a person, effecting both mental and physical health. The CDC says that smoking is the number one most preventable cause of disease and death. If stopping smoking can prevent diseases and prolong a person’s lifetime, then quitting is the only right option. It is understandable that quitting smoking is not easy, as quitting any addiction is. However it needs to be done, to majorly help limit the diseases and the lives it takes every day.

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