Effects Of Smoking On Children 's Health Essay

Effects Of Smoking On Children 's Health Essay

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Nowadays, when medical technical developed, people could have more condition to detect and cure their disease. Therefore, people recognized that smoking is one of the causes of death in humans today. In fact, although they understand that smoking is dangerous to human health such as smoking increase that lead cancers, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, they still could not quit smoking, even the number of smokers is increasing. Especially, according to the survey, the rate of smoking adolescents significantly increased over the years on the world, so the question is why has smoking become popular in adolescent components although they realize of negative effect of smoking to their health. By the specific information, there are many reasons that lead the smoking status in adolescent group are increasing such as affecting from parent and friends, admitting tobacco advertiser in media, and being in depression.
Family structure and friend’s relationship are the first reasons that could affect on smoking in youth behavior. Nobody denies, family is the foundation for the formation of children’s awareness, so family structure such as parent’s behavior or life position could affect on youth thinking about smoking. According the article Family Structure and Adolescent Cigarette Smoking In Eleven European Countries, Bjornson reported “Findings Adolescents living with both biological parents smoke less than those living with single mothers, who in turn smoke less than those living with single fathers, mothers-stepfathers, or with neither biological parent. Living with fathers-stepmothers is associated with less smoking than living with single fathers, mother-stepfathers, or with neither biological parent, but does not differ from livin...

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...at could lead deviant forms of behavior. Therefore, understanding reasons affect on decision of adolescents smoking such as advertisement, the government want to combine with family to limiting the number smoking in the teenager group. Vietnam is an example in this case, because understand the negative effect of smoking, there are many departments such as under school or hospital organization to propagate harmful effect of tobacco in the community. Moreover, they usually have many events in school that could help the teenager realize the negative effect of smoking, and they do not forget to emphasize the advertisement’s effect that lead adolescents do not believe on tobacco’s commercials. Certainly, people are making exit to help adolescents avoid smoking advertiser because they know this is one reason could make smoking status is increasing in teenager group today.

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