Essay about Effects Of Sleep Restriction And Extension On School Age Children

Essay about Effects Of Sleep Restriction And Extension On School Age Children

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The Effects of Sleep Restriction and Extension on School-Age Children: What a Difference an Hour Makes

1. Introduction:
a. Purpose
i. The purpose of the study to see the effects sleep duration has on neurobehavioral functions (NBF) in young children.
ii. The researchers wanted to examine how adding or removing and hour of sleep for a three-day period can affect children’s NBF.
iii. To examine the effects of adding or removing only one hour of sleep in children’s sleeping schedule.
b. Three hypothesis:
i. The child was able to add or remove an hour of sleep depending on the demand of their environment.
ii. Children in the sleep restriction group improved their overall sleep quality compared to individuals in the sleep extension
iii. Sleep restriction would increase the child fatigue and decrease their NBF.
2. Method:
a. 39 boys and 38 girls participated in this study.
i. 42 of them were in the 4th grade and 35 of them were in the 3rd grade
b. The child was allowed to participate in the study as long as they did not have:
i. Any psychiatric or developmental disorder
ii. Were not taking any medications
iii. Did not have any acute or chronic physical illness
a. Even though the researchers measured the child’s sleeping pattern for 3 nights, the study took a total of 6 days to complete. It commenced on a Sunday and finished on Friday in order to see how sleep can affect children’s academics.
b. Day 1 and 2: the child and their families were instructed the procedures of the study and received an actigraph (what was used to measure the child’s sleeping patterns). They also measured the participants regular s...

... middle of paper ...

...ldren in the SEG group significantly improved in their reaction time, while children scores in the SRG and NCG scores decreased.
iii. Additional Findings
1. Males performed better than females in the NES finger tapping test.
4. Discussion:
a. Hypothesis 1 was confirmed as over 60% of the children were motivated enough to comply
b. Hypothesis 2 was confirmed as participants in the restricted group felt more fatigue, especially on the forth day.
c. Hypothesis 3 was confirmed as the sleep-quality in the sleep-restriction group improved because they woke up less times during the night.
d. The results can show parents and teaches the negative effects of even sleep one hour less than usual (as it makes the student more fatigue the next day).
e. Limitation: it is still unknown how many hours children need to sleep a night depending on their age.

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