The Effects Of Rain And Rain On Our Lives Essay

The Effects Of Rain And Rain On Our Lives Essay

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Snow and rain can provide many benefits, but at the same time hinder and burden our lives and environment. Rain is precipitation that falls down as a liquid from clouds, which can be beneficial to our environment, however, it can be of an annoyance in urban areas. Snow is also a form of precipitation and can provide benefits to the environment, but like rain, it is a concern to those in urban areas.
Rain is a part of the water cycle, which provides us with fresh water and can act as a cleanser in nature. Fresh water is essential to human beings as it is a necessity for us to live and survive. Our bodies are mainly composed of water, so rain can give us a fundamental component of life to sustain ourselves.
When the rain pours down it washes dirt and grime away, so it acts as a cleanser. Plants are usually covered in dirt because of dust particles being carried by the wind, so rain cleans most of it off. It also gives plants water, which is needed for growth and stability throughout their life cycle. Clean leaves also benefit humans, because it grants us fresh air. By the process of photosynthesis, plants transform sunlight into oxygen, but this systematic procedure occurs in the leaves. When the leaves become dirty they cannot absorb sunlight as well because of dirt blocking the course, but when leaves are clean photosynthesis can continue without any decrease in progress.
Cars also benefit from the rain because they receive a surprise wash. A dusty vehicle can turn into a nicely rinsed ride after a rainstorm. The process of rain washing dirt and dust away is effortless on a person’s part. With the addition to being effortless, it is also free and cuts back on costly trips to the car wash.
Snow presents similar benefits for t...

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..., and they cannot be planted or harvested due to the wet conditions. Crops can also become deprived of oxygen leading to rotten roots and eventually the death of the plants.
Both rain and snow have their advantages and disadvantages to the environment and cities. The rain clears plants of dirt for better production of oxygen during the photosynthesis process, and it also washes cars effortlessly and for free. Snow adds water into bodies of water when it melts and provides many excellent views of snow covered areas, which decreases stress and increases happiness. They both burden urban areas by causing vehicle accidents, but snow is particularly of an annoyance because of the physical barriers it puts up. Crops in rural areas are easily damaged if too much rain pours. In conclusion, both rain and snow have their benefits, but with such benefits comes with drawbacks.

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