The Effects Of Prostitution On Society And Our Sex Workers Essays

The Effects Of Prostitution On Society And Our Sex Workers Essays

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Scantily clad, a shaggy girl can be seen bustling through the parking lot. She is afraid. She is there because she has run away from her abusive family at the age of 12. A pimp had found her. He routinely raped and beat her into submission, then monetized her body. This girl manages to run away, but then a police officer catches her. The officer then arrests her for prostitution. This situation is far more common than one might think. Malika Saar, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Human Rights Project for Girls, found that approximately 100,000 of the children who leave their home each year are sexually exploited. The legalization of prostitution would be increasingly beneficial to our society and our sex workers. Among many things, it would: reduce human trafficking, reduce violence against women, give sex workers rights, and become a source of tax revenue.
Human and sex trafficking, like mentioned in the story above, is a very serious crime and violation of human rights. Unfortunately, it is the second largest criminal industry in the entire world. It is estimated to outgrow the drug industry, because you can resell humans. Sex traffickers kidnap or buy children and women from unstable communities. They falsely promise them things like employment. It is estimated, from The U.S. Department of Justice’s Child Exploitation, that the median age into prostitution and trafficking is only 13 years old. These women and children are sexually exploited by pimps, and they take the money they earn. Even if these victims manage to escape the clutches of human trafficking they are then apprehended by law enforcement. Even though some of them are too young to consent to sex, they are charged with prostitution and thrown into jail. S...

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...l over their work environment. This allows them to be able to refuse customers. Instead of fearing from police they can now use them as a means of protection. No longer will a sex worker have to worry about being arrested or harassed. Safe sex practices make both the sex worker and the customer healthier. Most importantly, prostitutes are no longer condemned to a criminal record for resorting to a desperate means of income. Legalizing prostitution will benefit society. Most importantly it will benefit the sex workers who have suffered from abuse, poverty and criminalization. The sex workers will have a choice to leave the industry. Legalization will protect their psychological, social, and physical rights. In addition, the legalization of prostitution could help decrease human trafficking. Most of the people in the industry are victims. Help them, don’t condemn them.

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